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Barwoman of the Week
February 1 , 20

Name: Georgia (Tzo)
Surname: Koulaksidou
Bar: My Club
Drink: Wine
Cocktail: Dry Martini - Bloody Mary
Shot: Vodka
Music Type: Everything. At home, though, I listen to Massive Attack, Placebo.
If I wasn’t what I am I would be: I would like to work on what I’m studing, that’s tourism.
I like: Good company, good food, dancing.
I hate: Lies and stupidity.
My type of man: I like clever eyes. Anyway, I’ll understand it right away.
The most original way someone has flirted me: Nobody has managed to do something to impress me.

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Cocktail of the Day
Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Queen

Glass: Cocktail

· 5 parts Vodka
· 1 part Benedictine
· 10 drops Orange Bitter
· 1 slice Orange

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